Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporate Social Responsibility is above all about doing the right thing. It's a desire that is reflected in a number of strong commitments: local initiatives, 'better eating', maintaining employability, commitment to the local community, preserving resources and energy efficiency.

This mission imposes on us a triple responsibility to move in the right direction:

  • to support the transition to food
  • to grow and develop the men and women who make up Fleury Michon
  • to reduce our environmental footprint
csr fleury michon

Food safety

Thanks to its strict hygiene standards and rigorous, ongoing controls, Fleury Michon guarantees the safety of its products.
We carry out checks at every stage of production to guarantee food safety and compliance with nutritional specifications.

Elevage de porc

Animal welfare - a long-standing commitment

Animal welfare is an integral part of our corporate project to help people eat better every day.

As a responsible player committed to animal welfare for 40 years, Fleury Michon does everything in its power to offer accessible products that respect the environment and take animal welfare into account.

fleury michon better chicken commitment

In 2020, we signed up to the Better Chicken Commitment. This commitment involves sourcing 100% of our chicken meat from farms and slaughterhouses that meet all the Better Chicken Commitment criteria by 2026 at the latest, for all our European activities.

fleury michon msc fisheries

It means : 
1/ Sustainable fish stocks
2/ Minimised environmental impact
3/ Effective fisheries management