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In days gone by, the bakers of the Vendée would place the last piece of dough from the kneaded dough onto a heated tile in the oven, to test the temperature before putting it in the oven. To avoid spoiling the bread, they garnished it with butter and garlic and enjoyed it with their companions! They called it “préfou”.

Paso has perpetuated this tradition and is now the market leader in catered appetizers in retail with its garlic & butter baguette. This French specialty from the Vendée is available in a range of recipes to suit all tastes.



Since 2013, PASO Catering has developed its catering know-how by opening up to the miniburger appetizers market. 

Since then, we have been creating and baking our brioche buns in our own bakery workshop based in the Vendée region. Our recipe is inspired by the traditional French bakery know-how. 

We now offer a wide range of mini-burger recipes, each more delicious and tasty than the last.

Paso mini burgers appetizers